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Wizard Books is the children’s imprint of Icon Books, an independent British publisher of non-fiction. Formed in 1991, Icon is most known for the Introducing series of illustrated guides to big thinkers and ideas like Freud, Postmodernism and Quantum Theory.

Wizard Books was formed in 2002 with a remit to publish exciting, intelligent and (most of all!) fun fiction and non-fiction primarily for children between the ages of 8 and 13. Our lead project is the republication of Fighting Fantasy, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone’s series of adventure Gamebooks first launched in 1982.

Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Fighting Fantasy was the children’s publishing phenomenon of the 1980s. Selling over 15 million books, extending to 59 titles and spawning myriad offshoots, Fighting Fantasy dominated children’s bestseller charts and left an indelible mark upon a generation. The creators became celebrities, founded the Games Workshop chain and went on to achieve huge success in the world of computer games: Ian Livingstone at Eidos, creators of Tomb Raider, and Steve Jackson at Lionhead, developers of the bestselling God game Black & White.

Wizard Books decided that the time was right to bring this incredible idea to a new generation. Repackaged for the 21st century, Wizard published 4 titles in June 2002, including the first ever book (which sold 2 million copies in its original format), Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

But there is much more to Wizard Books than Fighting Fantasy. From the action-packed adventures of boy-hero Joshua Cross as he travels through time, to brilliant guides to well-known authors such as Tolkien and Pullman, Wizard offers a fantastic selection of fiction and non-fiction to smart younger readers.


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